While My Boyfriend Was Sleeping

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I’m a journalist who spends my Mondays through Fridays writing other people’s stories, a chronic procrastinator who needs structure. I once quit my job to write a book and like most writers, I made up excuses why I couldn’t keep at it.

My husband Joe (at the time he was my boyfriend) liked to sleep in late on the weekends, which meant I ended up browsing celebrity tabloid websites while our dog snored under the covers.

In 2008, I created a blog in an attempt to better spend that time. I thought maybe it would jump start a second attempt at writing a novel.

Since then I’ve gotten married, bought a house, had a baby and grown as a journalist and photographer.

I’m still itching to write a novel. The dream’s still there. It’s just buried under life and other stuff.

To learn more about this STUFF, visit While My Boyfriend Was Sleeping.

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